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For the longest time, maybe even the day after I opened, I've felt insecure about my business. It ranged from thinking my whole website was terrible to small things like spelling mistakes on book descriptions. It made me work as hard as I could in every possible aspect of the business. So when that didn't work out I felt pretty defeated to tell you the truth.

I realized through other parts of my life that that insecurity came from continually wanting things to be a certain way instead of accepting things as they are. With that way of thinking there's no way I could ever be satisfied (lol)! I think it's a pretty common insecurity with how the world is, social media being at the forefront and all. We can't help but compare ourselves to the successes of others even if we don't want to; maybe I can't speak for others but it definitely rings true for me. I forgot that everyone should have their own definitions of success and satisfaction.

I had to figure out what success means for me and more importantly what I wanted to achieve with my business. I've never cared about money so that was definitely a start. At first, I thought it might be cool to make a living off of selling books but I realize now that that was never a requirement. Books mean a lot to me, they're by people for people which is a beautiful thing. For that reason, I think I just want to help people find books they might enjoy or learn from. From now on I won't really think about MangaHubWA as my "business" but as an important passion of mine; because that's what it is.

To go back a bit, one thing I've never accepted was the kind words and reviews that others left for me. That's a weird thing to say about messages and reviews but to me, they never felt real. Those feelings are a reflection of me though, not the kind souls that took time out of their day for me. I couldn't accept that I did something to warrant the kindness of others. I'm not quite completely there yet but those messages have started giving me strength. Thank you.

To those here, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to start writing more abstract-themed blog posts like this as part of what I want to achieve with my life. This is by me for people, myself and others. If you'd ever like to chat I'm an email or a message away. Thanks again!

Books I'd recommend reading with similar vibes

- Blue Period

- If Cats Disappeared From The World

- At Night I Become A Monster

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