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My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission Movie. Staying tried and true to Shonen Hero Movies.

As a kid every week my dad would take me out to the movie shop so I could rent a movie. I always happily picked out the Naruto/Bleach/Dragon Ball Z movies that I couldn't watch anywhere else. The My Hero Academia movie made me reminiscent of these times as it stays tried and true to the essence of Shonen Jump movies.

Going into the movie I wondered what the movie would have to offer that the anime hasn't already done. The anime already has flashy/well-done graphics and great characters; the movie has all these things. What was surprising to me was how natural the plot felt. Since it's a movie the plot isn't relevant at all to the manga but it didn't feel too artificial or out of place.

Something that added to the natural feeling plot was the wonderful pacing. The movie was fast-paced but had breather moments in just the right places. To me, this left me feeling like every scene was thought through with lots of detail. Every word and second felt useful, even more so there weren't parts of the movie leaving me wishing it were cut out.

All in all, My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission Movie was an enjoyable experience. I think it's a great Shonen Jump Movie for the current generation of youngsters. As all good anime does it gave me good laughs, awe-inspiring chills, and it sprinkled in life lessons along the way. If you're a fan of My Hero Academia I don't think you'll be disappointed. Thanks for reading.

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