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Distant yet close

There's a fine line to walk between oversaturated and underdone. Isekai novels seem to pop up every other week, leaving them feeling stale even when the story and art are great. Entirely new concepts can also have their drawbacks, even Sword Art Online wasn't published until 7 years after the author had first written it. Your Forma treads that line beautifully by integrating technology that doesn't seem too far out of reach.

The suture of the brain - Your Forma. It records all that your mind experiences. Everything you see, everything you hear... and everything you feel...

While Elon works on making brain implants a reality Kikuishi on the other hand brings it to our imagination with the Your Forma. At first, these implants were used to simply treat a widespread inflammation of the brain. But now they're so much more than that, they're completely integrated into daily life. Their functionality is seemingly endless, combining computer processing, augmented reality, and brain wave reading. The convenience of not even having to hold a smartphone to see make calls or send emails has become reality. There are drawbacks though, as the Your Forma is able to record things such as thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

This isn't a big deal for most but with advances in technology come advances in crime. Because of the direct integration with the brain, the Your Forma can be programmed to have direct effects on the physical body. The rise of Bio-Hackers, capable of modifying clients' bodies using drugs and muscle-control chips, has added to the jobs of officers around the world. So a new type of enforcer has come about to fight crime, the electronic investigator.

What sets Your Forma apart from all other novels is the feeling of this is futuristic but possibly realistic in the future. It's interesting to follow Kikuishi build on a world where brain implants have become the norm. It made me think "wow that's so cool" at times and "that makes so much sense" at others. The constant expansion of the world helped get me really immersed in it; there was so much in it I never could have thought of. So if you have the time give it a read! I'm sure you'll think "that's cool af" at least once.

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