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Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki is simply a series that hits home for me.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

As humans, I think it's natural to like things that others might not. From an objective standpoint, I can tell that not everyone will like this series but I'd like to be selfish and recommend it in the case that someone might go on to read it and experience the same things I did. This is a series that I love and I hope you'll give it a chance if it seems interesting to you.

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki is centered around Tomozaki, the number one Atafami player in Japan. In his opinion the game of "real life" is garbage and what you're born with is what you've got. Through an online meet-up he discovers that the second-best Atafami player in Japan is Aoi Hinami, the most popular girl in school. After venting his frustrations about life to a so-called Top-Tier character he's awakened to the harsh reality that not everything is as he sees it. With a newfound mentality and mentor in Hinami can Tomozaki start to see life for everything it has to offer and not just cast it aside as a garbage game?

To tell you the truth I think a big reason this series hits home for me is that I can picture myself in the main character's shoes. Sometimes it's easy to get trapped in our own world and forget how much more there is to life. Yuki Yaku writes the story with that as its centerpiece very naturally. The characters are all written very well for being high schoolers and they're all uniquely lovable. Sometimes it may go slightly over the top but the overall concepts and philosophies presented are always an eye-opening and refreshing read.

I think for people who can empathize with the thoughts of the main character this is a unique read that's not only enjoyable but also something to learn from. Ultimately for me, those two things are what I look for in a book and this series does both wonderfully.

Thank you for reading.

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