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This store is a passion project run by just one person. Here's a little bit about me and what I want to achieve with MangaHubWA.

What my goals are here at MangaHubWA.

From the beginning, I've always wanted to use my store as a way to connect with others. To me, sharing experiences is the most human thing to do. So I want to not only share the books that I love but hear about the books that you love too. 

What items do stock?

Firstly, I want to stock books that I can proudly say I love. I may also stock brand-new titles that seem interesting. This helps me feel at ease when recommending the books to others. If there are manga/novels/books that you'd like to recommend I stock or you'd like to buy please fill out the custom order form!

How much profit do I make?

At MOST I make $4 per book. I invest about 10% of the book cover price into packaging materials so your books get to you as safely as possible. Since I also do sales and giveaways more often than not I'm not making a profit at all. But to me that's ok! I still love what I'm doing all the same.
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